Andrew Paul Smith and ‘Being Me’

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The Midlife Retreat

My first guest will be Andrew Paul Smith and I am so excited! Reaching out to others with midlife experience has been a goal of mine for many years. 2017 is the year to put the plan into action! Find out more below about why I can’t wait to introduce you to Andrew and what the Midlife Retreat is all about.

Andrew Paul Smith

Andrew and I connected on Facebook and met personally in Sheffield over five years ago, for an all-too-short cup of coffee. We have ‘followed’ each other ever since. Andrew Paul Smith has lots of life experiences to share with us. He calls himself the ‘Love Anarchist’, and really wants to grow old disgracefully. He will be celebrating his 60th year, in 2017. I call him Mr Smiley and he says he feels undressed without his smile.

Andrew had an epiphany on his 50th birthday, he felt that “life was his oyster” and that rather than slowing down, it was time to take life by the scruff of the neck and start living! He trained as a Life Coach and set up his own company – Giant Steps Life Coaching Ltd. Andrew also became a prolific writer of inspirational articles and poetry.

He has created hundreds of inspirational videos and audio files to encourage, challenge and inspire those willing to watch and listen.

In this Midlife Retreat, we will be dipping into his past life as a Lay Preacher, how important it is to be yourself and how wisdom is bigger than any of us, even at Midlife.


Why The Midlife Retreat?

We all know that when we are busy ‘doing’ our thing it is also nice to sit back and relax on a regular basis, in order to function at our best. Taking a mini break, going on a ‘retreat’, nurturing ourselves, de-stressing, and learning from others are all important activities in life. At midlife, we need to relax, revitalise and rejuvenate constantly! Yet not everyone has the time or finances to go to an exotic location. Therefore, I am bringing Zanzibar direct to your home.

At the Midlife Retreat, inspirational individuals from the midlife arena are invited will share their knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Just think of it as a Mini-Me-Moment, a time to be Sensibly Selfish.

If you want to find out more about Andrew before the Midlife Retreat you can find him using the links below:
Website: APSmith Online

Facebook: Andrew

Facebook group: Inspiration to Brighten Your Day or Video Inspirations

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