For me, writing articles, books or a diary is as good as taking a long walk on the beach or eating dark chocolate, and it’s certainly fabulous exercise for my midlife brain!

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Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Downsizing


How To Clean Your Home Organically

The Art of Midlife Stress Busting



The Quick Fix For Empty Nest Syndrome


books empty nest syndrome

The Quick Fix For Parents Living With Boomerang Kids

books boomerang kids

The Quick Fix For Your Meaningful Midlife Relationship

books meaningful midlife relationship


The Quick Fix For Giving Glorious Gifts

giving glorious gifts

The Quick Fix For Decluttering

books quick fix for decluttering

Quick Fix For Better Sleep

better sleep books


Hot Women Rock

books hot women rock

A Journey of Riches

journey of riches books


international women's day

The Quick Fix Books

In 2015 I teamed up with Pat Duckworth, a cognitive hypnotherapist from the UK, and we began the Amazon Kindle Quick Fix For … Series. We all have stages in our lives when problem situations and issues arise that we would like a quick fix for. We look around for the magic spell, the silver bullet or the blue pill. Deep down you know that there are no quick fixes but there is often a series of simple steps that you can take that will improve the situation, and may combine together to provide a solution. The Quick Fix Series is about those practical steps. We have published six titles so far.

Stress Bust Now with Hot Women Rock

My latest stress-busting project is another collaboration with Pat Duckworth. We all need this kind of wisdom. The new book, Hot Women Rock, shares stories from midlife women who overcame entrepreneurial obstacles to change their lives and become more fulfilled and happy.

The first section of the book is based on the Robert Dilts model of Neurological Levels. In this section Pat takes you through an explanation of the six levels, and how they affect our choices.

At the end of each chapter a set of exercises helps you apply your new skills.

Twenty-one midlife women, including me, wrote the second part of the book, where we share our personal business stories.

A Journey of Riches: Dealing with changes in life

Changes in life are a given, but how we handle those changes and find ways to thrive varies from person to person. A Journey of Riches is the 4th anthology book filled with personal stories of people who’ve overcome adversity, dealt with minor setbacks, or experienced life-altering changes. They share details of how they found their footing and learned to carry on and live a rich and abundant life.

Contributors to A Journey of Riches include John Spender, Kay Newton, Charlie O’Shea, Chris Drabenstott, Theera Phetmalaigul, Pavel Helstyn, Karen Higginbottom, Zbigniew Tappert, Isabella Verzberger and Sharee Siva.

Each contributor imparts sage advice and step-by-step suggestions to see you through difficulties. They share deeply personal stories that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced a difficult situation. If you seek wisdom, inspiration, and relatable information, this will help to push you forward.


I began writing a small blog in 2008, when my husband was suffering from depression. My passion for writing has continued since. Putting words onto paper helps me to de-stress. It also enhances my perspective on life, and improves my understanding. It allows my sense of worth to grow. Writing has become such an integral part of who I am, I often feel as if my fingers work without me.

Using my writing to help others keeps me going. If one of my books or articles can help just one person to find midlife meaning, get their life back on an even keel, and sail in the right direction again, I will have succeeded.

Kay Newton


100 Stress Busting Tips


Stress Busting Sessions


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