Hot Women Rock

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Hot Women Rock!
The Age of Aquarius has certainly seen a rise in woman power. The US is probably heading towards a first female president, and a grandmother at that. There is a quantifiable rise in the power of women over 50. In 2015 alone, women in the third stage of their lives established over 65% of new UK start-up companies. Their wisdom is astounding. So what can be more exciting than a group of midlife women coming together to share their abundant knowledge. Wouldn’t that get your business mojo up and working? I feel very honoured to be part of this wonderful group, and I want to tell you about the project.

hot women rock
Hot Women Rock

I first met Pat at one of the retreats I was running in Mallorca, Spain. We hit it off immediately, and have been great friends ever since. You know that feeling, when someone comes into your life and you feel as if you have known them forever? Almost as if you had met in a previous life. Most of all, we share a lot in common. We are both passionate about wanting other midlife women to enjoy the third stage of their lives to the full.

Pat Duckworth is a cognitive hypnotherapist based in the UK. Pat came up with the idea of presenting “Hot Women Rock – How to Discover your Midlife Entrepreneurial Mojo” at WEF2016 in India. At the conference she talked about hypnotherapy, midlife and the entrepreneurial mojo. The women loved it! Since then, she has tirelessly promoted Hot Women Rock in the US and the UK. The book will reach out to audiences around the world.

Midlife Entrepreneurial Mojo

The first section of the book is based on the Robert Dilts model of Neurological Levels. Pat takes you through an explanation of the six levels, and how they affect our choices. At the end of each chapter a set of exercises helps you apply your new skills. 21 midlife women wrote the second part of the book, where they share their personal business stories. Including my own story. So if you want to know more you simply need to buy the book! Practical, inspirational and something every 50+ woman needs to have on her shelf.

Quote from Hot Women Rock

In the intro Pat says:

Midlife may be the perfect time to make changes in your work-life. In the US, 23% of all new entrepreneurs are aged 50-65, so you are not alone. The average age of the founders of US technology companies is 39, with twice as many over age 50 as under age 25.
According to the Office for National Statistics, there are now nearly 1.8 million self-employed people over the age of 50 in the UK, an increase of 21% on 2008. Around one in five people aged over 50 is self-employed, a higher proportion than in any other age group.

A survey by Age UK, the charity for older people, indicates that more than 70% of businesses started by people in their fifties survive for at least five years, whereas only 28% of those started by younger people last that long.
The majority of workers over 50 want to continue working beyond state pension age, 62% of women and 59% of men. For some, it is to supplement their income. In 2008 24% of men and 37% of women in the UK had incomes which were less than adequate, with 20% of women and 6% of men claiming that their income is completely inadequate to meet their needs.

If you are thinking of starting your own business or making a career change Hot Women Rock is probably for you. The book launches on the 4th of October 2016, and you can download a copy FREE on that day, BUT if you can’t wait you can get a kindle copy by clicking on the links below.


hot women rock
Hot Women Rock
Amazon US


hot women rock
Hot Women Rock
Amazon UK

Listen to Pat interview me about my Midlife mojo story…

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