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manifestation boardsManifestation boards are a way of helping you see in a visual format the process you have done so far. They are a valuable tool,  because you can place them somewhere in view, where you can see them on a daily basis. The image shows my 2018 manifestation board.

Today, there are many different ways to make them. Some people still prefer to cut out images and words from magazines. Others like to paint theirs, or pin images on a cork board – the list is endless. You can also go digital and use one of a number of apps to help create your design. Pinterest is also a fabulous place to go for inspiration take a look HERE.


These are links to my currently favourite apps. Each one has pros and cons. Your choice is personal so I have not included my thoughts in this post. (Ask me and I will write one!)

Jack Canfield

Hay House

Subliminal Vision Boards

Dream Vision Board


Manifestation boards in many styles

You can design a manifestation board that has just one theme, or you can create a series of booklets, or design a board that covers a whole year, or even five years. The choice is entirely yours.

Whatever you decide, choose the images with care – there may be a word or something in the background that has a negative meaning attached.

Take your time, don’t rush the process, the closer you can get to your written work the better.

I now use a combination of images from the computer and words cut from magazines. I find it saves time, and I have exactly the right image for me.

Where to put it

Once you have created it, you need to place it somewhere where you will see it constantly. (Think of the ceiling above your bed type of constant!) I have actually taken a photo of mine and it sits on my computer desktop so I see it every day that I open up the screen.

How to use it

Spend time every morning and evening looking at your board and focus on each area. Take note of how far you have come. Ask yourself: what has been completed? What is incomplete, and what needs attention? Take particular note of the areas where you are lagging way behind. What is stopping your from reaching your goal? Now is the time to find a way to get there, to do whatever it takes. Make a plan, no excuses.

You can also use your board when you have a big decision to make. Sometimes these decisions are about things that don’t even show on your manifestation boards. By taking time out to listen and look, you can stay focused and on track with whats important to you.

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