Manifestation Depth

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Adding Manifestation Depth

manifestation depthFrom the previous post, you now have an outline of your manifestation and a 140-character twitter feed-type  synopsis. Now we need to add Manifestation Depth. This step takes time and patience, the more you give, the more it will reward you. You need to close your notes for one or two days, and then come back and revise it. This will allow time for new thoughts and ideas to emerge which you can then add to your statement. Include that you may have forgotten, rewrite sections to make them more positive, check that there are no conflicting details.

Back to the Beginning

This is a great time to go back right to the beginning and look at the answers to the three questions I asked you…

What is your first name?
What do you think is your greatest achievement in your life so far? – one word.
What do you miss in your life at the moment?

Make sure that your name is loud and clear somewhere in your statement. Does this statement help you cover the one thing missing in your life? Is it possible for you to harness power you already possess based on your greatest achievement? Have you included this in your statement? The lack of your life, is it still relevant? Will your manifestation statement help you overcome this? If not, do you need to rephrase?

This is also a good time for someone you trust to look at your notes and make sure you’re not missing anything. Now the process needs to be taken to the next level. In effect, you have now created your cosmic take-out menu, yet it has no depth, no ingredients, no method, no recipe.

Lottery Ticket

It’s like the story of the guy who constantly moaned to the universe that he couldn’t manifest his win on the lottery. Each week he moaned until a loud booming voice from the sky said: “Buy a  f****** lottery ticket then!”

The universe can only help you when you are in motion. The next move is to create a list of the steps you need to take to create your manifestation. You have to make an effort whether you like it or not! This way you need not work so hard!

Remember we are only energy. The universe responds to energy and the energy you invest in your manifestation. Taking action is more important than the plan itself. Watch what happens when you start moving!


Brainstorm the action you can take more and more. Make a long list of things you can do straight away, or create a mind map. Then choose +/- 7 actions to get you started.

Some of these actions may be beyond your comfort zone – great! You are moving forwards, do these actions first and then make sure you reward yourself for doing them. Rewarding yourself is the most important part of the exercise, under no circumstances should you skip this step.

What will stop you? Do you need to learn new skills? In which areas do you need help? Who can help? No person is an island, and we can never be good at everything. Make sure you are open and honest with yourself at this point and find ways of getting around the areas where you lack skill.

Three Steps

Right now – Take a look at your manifestation statement and your list of actions and write down just three steps you can take to get things moving. Do you need to get help? Do you need to make a few telephone calls? This is not hard work – this is your investment in your life plan.

Again, it’s time to congratulate yourself. (We had a glass of champagne with our lunch every time I ran this workshop). What are you going to do?

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