Manifestation Statement

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Manifestation Statement

Before you write your Manifestation Statement you need to know how. You are halfway through the process, all that is important is to take a deep breath and keep the energy flowing.

You can make notes for this section on a separate piece of paper, in order to have them handy for the next section. What benefits does writing down your manifestation have?

Fast Order to The Universe

manifestation statementWhen you write down what you want to create, you are submitting your plans to the universe. You are putting in our ‘Fast Food Order’. When you do this you are clarifying for yourself what you really want. Taking care to create exactly what you want is paramount because you understand that whatever you ‘order’ is what you will get.

The more specific you are the more specific the results will be. Know that you can create any fast food order you want, all you need is the courage to ask. In fact, you are expected to ask! Remember, the more you ask the greater the possibility of getting a YES!!

Intimate Vision

In order to manifest you need to know your vision in great detail. At the same time you need to be able to sum it up in just one sentence. Your vision needs to be crystal clear. Think of a twitter feed – if you can write the vision in 140 characters you’ve cracked it!

We all fantasize about doing things, we dream a lot, yet few of us do anything about these dreams. When you invest in turning your dreams into goals and manifesting them into reality it is because you have invested energy in it. Physical, mental and emotional energy. You live and breathe it, AS IF NOW. As soon as your passionate thoughts become your energy, unseen causes begin to happen on your behalf.

How and What to Write

Always write your manifestation statement in the present tense, as if it is happening now.
Give it a place, date and time. Start with …”It is ….”.
Make the date believable yet far enough away to keep you awake at night. If you are not excited it won’t happen.
Always choose positive terms such as ‘happy’ and ‘grateful’.
Write with gratitude – lots of this!
Use all your senses, hear, see, taste, feel, smell, touch.

Ask yourself, how does it bring me:
Joy and happiness
Peace and serenity
Love and satisfaction
The ability to help others
Opportunities and options

And how does it affect:

My family and friends
Other people and other creatures
My Community
The Earth and the universe

Finish with… “Thank you, universe, for all the beautiful things in my life and the world and for manifesting this vision in alignment with your ultimate plan.” (This is not part of the Twitter feed!)

What Not to Include

Avoid any negative emotions, avoid the words: should, could, would, but, try, maybe, perhaps.

Remember – You may need help in order to reach your goal. You may not know where this help will come from: just say that you need it and these people will show up in your life at the right time. Help is always on its way.

Remember – Be patient. Just like giving birth, there is a process that happens before the baby is born! Your ideas need time to develop, all you have to do is begin the action.

Remember – If you are putting out energy in your vision, the universe is also adding equal energy. As you move forwards the universe is also heading towards you. It is coming to meet you head-on. Being in motion, therefore, means you expend less energy overall.

Okay just go do it! Then celebrate and take a break, at least 24 hours.

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