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Kay Newton Bio

mediaKay is an award-winning International Speaker, enthusiastic author and Midlife Stress Buster, whose hundreds of clients love her straight talking and no-nonsense practical holistic help in dealing with their response to stress.

Kay’s books include:
The Art of Midlife Stress Busting – Seven Steps to Declutter Your Mind Without Pills or Potions
How to Clean Your Home Organically – De-Stress Your Surroundings
Tips and Tricks For Stress Free Downsizing – A Step by Step Guide to Moving On

Kay is also a co-author of the six Kindle books in the Quick Fix For… series, and a contributing author to Hot Women Rock and A Journey of Riches.

She hails from Leeds, Yorkshire in the UK. In her early 20s she jumped on board a ‘gin palace’ leaving Hull Marina for sunnier shores in Spain. She refused to swim back. Kay set up her own business looking after second homes for the rich and famous, became an eco-landlady extraordinaire and the mother of two boys. The family shared their three-acre organic farm with holidaymakers, and workshop- and retreat attendants. She has been married 25 years.

Since 2002

For the past fifteen years, Kay has been involved in helping others deal with the stresses of life. With the majority of her business online, she has been able to combine her business with her love of travelling.

In 2015 after a 30-year dream life on the island of Mallorca, Kay and her husband decided that rather having an empty nest they preferred ‘no nest.’ Leaving their two grown boys to fend for themselves, they decluttered and downsized their lifestyle to a two-roomed, tin roof house near a pristine beach in Zanzibar. Kay lives a ‘stress-free’ life and has never been happier.

You can also find Kay Stress Busting here: www.Kay-Newton.com

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Example of Media Interview Questions

  1. What does it mean to be a Stress Buster?
  2. What made you think about stress in a different way than most people do today?
  3. Why do you think that you cope better with stress than others?
  4. Why do you say stress is not all bad?
  5. What is the most important thing to combat stress?
  6. How else can you harness stress?
  7. What is the difference between anxiety and excitement?
  8. Explain what you mean when you say stress is a myth?
  9. You have recently written three books to help with stress, why did you choose these subjects?
  10. What is next for the Stress Buster?

Press Articles and Video Interview Archives

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