Meditation Exercise

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meditation exercisePlease read the meditation instructions below or ask someone else to read this section aloud, while you do the visualisation exercise. Take time to write down what comes up for you after you have completed the meditation. (If you are unable to see with the mind’s eye, take note of the emotions and feelings this section brings up for you).

Begin the Meditation Exercise

Put down all your papers and pens, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and repeat those deep breaths, three more times.

The Theatre

I want you to imagine that you are sitting in a theatre looking down on a stage. It is a special stage with a very special performance. The person in front of you is yourself, you are about to tell your audience about your life achievements so far.

Take another deep breath and zoom into the stage. Brighten the colours, listen to the sounds in the theatre, take in another deep breath and notice the smells.

Now relax and enjoy the show as you listen to the narrator, yourself, tell stories about all the amazing things that have happened to you up until today.


Smile and give yourself a virtual pat on the back. Well done you, you are truly unique and amazing. Be proud of all you have become from your past experiences. Listen to your intuition and feel the positive energy as it courses through your body.


Take another breath and look again at the stage. This time you are going to hear from yourself, all those regrets for things not achieved or opportunities missed, areas of your life where you feel you lack something. Notice what comes up. Do this without judgement, criticism or blame. It is just as it is. You are sitting in the audience watching the show, nothing else. Notice how your energy feels now.


Take another breath and, again sitting in the audience, lean forwards, look at the stage and listen to yourself standing there talking about the future. What will happen to you from today onwards? What wonderful stories, dreams and hopes do you have for yourself? Paint these pictures with bright colours, notice the sounds, the noise around you. Can you smell anything? Are you touching a special object, what does it feel like? Can you taste anything?


Now take another breath, open your eyes and take your pen and paper and write down the things that come to mind from all three parts of the exercise. Write down those wonderful things that you have already achieved or manifested in your life.
Make note of those areas where you may feel a lack in your life and jot down all those wonderful things that you are still to achieve.


What have you learned from the meditation exercise? Did you feel the difference of energies from one part of the meditation exercise to the other? Write these thoughts down.

Well done! Now we are well on our way to creating a new reality. Great. Take a break, you deserve it. When you are ready, the next step is to take these thoughts and apply them to the Sensibly Selfish Chocolate Cake of Life. You can click Here to go there right now.

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