Midlife Connections

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How many people do you know? What midlife connections do you have? When we reach midlife the number of people that have touched our lives, and whose lives we have touched is really astounding. Have you ever sat and thought about this? It is a worthwhile task to take time out and think about how your life changed as these people came into it.

Assessing Midlife Connections

A paper and pen are useful tools for this exercise. Write down all those midlife connections you keep in contact with, and also those you no longer meet. Think about all the places you have visited in your life, think of all the groups you have been involved in, the places you used to frequent, and those you now frequent on a daily basis. Think of all the people your partner knew or knows, the midlife connections made through your kids at school, or during after-school activities.
midlife connections
Look again at your list and to each name add a list of contacts of people they also know. This list may include people you have in common or people you would like to connect with. Take time to do this, come back to the list often, and add when your memory allows!

Now take your time to look at the list again and ask yourself what can this person do for me? What is it that I need in my life today and how can I achieve it by asking this person to help?

Reassessing Midlife Connections

Your life has changed. Now at midlife may be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with certain people, just as it may also be the perfect time to disconnect with others around you. Be ‘Sensibly Selfish’ at this point – what is it that you really want from your midlife connections?

The final, yet most important question of all is to ask of your now amazingly long list… what can I do for this person? Who can I introduce them to? How can I be of service? What bit of information would they like to hear from me?

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Taking time out to connect with those who make you who you really are will bring endless rewards. Give it a go and let me know your results. Leave a comment below.

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