The 0-Thing Retreat 2018

13 -16 April, Mallorca Spain – FULLY BOOKED

14 -16 September, Yorkshire, UK – 6 Places Left

TBC October, Zanzibar, Tanzania – 5 rooms available

A Midlife Retreat is always wonderful! It’s a place to connect, relax, rejuvenate and be inspired. Imagine that you can find a place to get away from it all, laugh a lot and make new friends. And more importantly leave all the daily stresses of midlife behind for just a short while. Would you want to go?

The Problem With Retreats

What really upsets me about the retreat industry is that many people are becoming weary of all the hype. Everyone is doing ‘Retreats’ nowadays, yoga, detox, write a book in 3 days, the list just goes on and on.

Yet with a busy lifestyle, do you really want to be doing even more?

What if you just want to relax, enjoy a new venue, meet new faces, have meaningful conversations and make connections?


mallorca retreatImagine a place of warmth and tranquillity, where nature nurtures you into peaceful rest and calm contentment. A place where you have all the time in the world to devote to yourself and rekindle acquaintances.

At the 0-Retreat, the gift of time is yours, time to reconnect with the simplicity of life.

There is nothing more

Relax, unplug from the world, spend time alone for quiet reflection, connect with like-minded women, and make magic happen. The agenda is yours.


Not included

Stuffy workshops, compulsory yoga or TaiChi, meditation or mindfulness sessions. No woo-woo stuff.
Flights, food, alcohol, transport.

What to Expect

Nothing is set in stone, we will discuss and decide each day what we truly want to do. Pj’s and staying home is also a possibility! Below is a possible outline for the weekend.

Friday Day 1

Arrive and settle in. Cocktail and time to catch up. Dinner on the terrace and yet more relaxing conversation.

Saturday Day 2

Wake to a buffet breakfast and a relaxing morning. Take a train trip to Palma for lunchtime tapas, sightseeing and shopping.

Sunday Day 3

Take a relaxing walk on the beach or hike in the mountains, explore a Mallorcan market, eat lunch at a local restaurant and watch the world go by. The choice is yours.

Monday Day 4

Our last day begins with quiet contemplation. There is time for a group share, to enjoy a final buffet brunch together before departing.

Practical Information

Bring only hand luggage. Less is more. (No makeup needed) Wear comfy clothes and shoes.
Bring your European medical card.



high tren house retreatRun in conjunction with the Silver Seed group of The Silver Tent, this retreat has no agenda, it is organic, (think grown-up PJ party).  Two days in which to relax, enjoy the beautiful countryside, eat lovely food, take a sauna and spend time in the company of amazing wonderful ladies.

What to expect

Arrival, pre-dinner drinks, evening meal and time to introduce ourselves.


Breakfast. Speed-dating PJ style! Coffee – get to know someone better. Lunch. Chill out time. Evening Meal with fun and laughter.


Breakfast. Collaboration. Lunch. Reflection and feedback. Farewells.

Practical Information

High-Trenhouse can take up to 26 ladies and rooms are offered on a first come first served basis. Most of them are single ensuite, yet not all are.

You will need to be a member of The Silver Tent before booking.

Travel light, less is more!

Bring publicity material with you such as business cards, leaflets for distribution.


The cost for the venue is expected to be £260 with personal drinks and transport to the venue, the only additional costs. This fee may be lower depending on the final numbers.

A 20% deposit (£52) will reserve your spot. The rest will be payable shortly before the event.

There will be an additional 10% surcharge fee, which is for The Silver Tent fund, payable with your final payment.

Arrival time is 5 pm on Friday and departure 5 pm on Sunday.


How to get there.

To book your place, please contact me.


Imagine a place of simply stunning beauty, perfect tranquillity, where nature nurtures you into peaceful rest and calm contentment. A place where you have all the time in the world to devote to yourself and yourself alone.

At the No Retreat, we give you the gift of time, time to reconnect with the simplicity of life.
There is nothing more…
  • Relax, at the beach, watch beautiful sunrises or sunsets and eat great food
  • Unplug from the world, spend time alone for quiet reflection
  • Connect with like-minded thought leaders, and make magic happen
  • Meet the locals
  • Dance on the beach,
  • Take a sunset cruise
  • Cook with the chef
  • Swim or snorkel
  • Beachcomb
  • Relax
  • Repeat

Not included…

Stuffy workshops, compulsory yoga, meditation or mindfulness sessions. No woo-woo stuff.
Flights, alcohol.


Did we mention the beach? Airport transfer to the venue.

What to Expect

Your host will be on hand every step of the way to make sure the No retreat is as relaxing as possible. This is a perfect retreat for couples wanting to get away from it all and meet some likeminded travellers.

Day 1

Midday arrival and settle in with time to introduce ourselves. Later we join a sunset cruise, enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking the sea, talk and talk some more.

Day 2

The morning is yours to take in the sun with breakfast on the terrace. Late morning we gather around the pool to connect, swim sunbathe and chill.

After lunch, we settle again into silence, either around the pool or in our rooms. Later afternoon we meet to share a cocktail and our wisdom.
The evening meal will be prepared on the beach by local Masai and we join them to dance the night away.

Day 3

Take a relaxing walk on the beach before breakfast either alone for contemplation or with a member of the group. After breakfast, you can snorkel or have quiet time alone.

At 11 am we join the kitchen to have fun making lunch. The afternoon is time to relax alone.
We meet again for the delicious Chef’s table in the evening, where we learn about the delicacies of the local cuisine, enjoy African wines and each other’s company.

Day 4

Our last day begins with quiet contemplation before breakfast. There is time for a group share, to enjoy a final lunch together before departing.

Practical Information

Location Zanzibar


Getting There

There are five bungalows available. All sleep, two people.

Cost per person


Still not sure? Want to get to know more about me first?

Then Midlife Virtual Retreat is the place for you! And it’s all for FREE!

zanzibar virtual retreatWalking daily on the tropical beach here in Zanzibar, I take a lot of photos, producing photo-opportunity envy in my clients and friends! I wish I had the where-with-how to transport everyone to come beachcombing with me! My clients would enjoy the advantages of a retreat, yet it’s not always practical.

I have clients who have never been on a retreat before and want to get to know me first. Others can’t get away from their loved ones. Some don’t have the cash and others have a fear of flying. Why should they miss out?

You get ‘sold’ an exotic location, pay an awful lot for the privilege and then realise it’s not for you. No matter how hard you try, you just don’t get on with the other members of the group. Your stomach can’t take the strange foods. The retreat content is not what you expected. Your body is covered in hives. Instead of feeling excited, you are feeling extremely miserable and you just want to go home.

The Midlife Virtual Retreat

Takes place from the security and comfort of your own home or preferred quiet environment. No time, travel or expenses involved. No hassles with time off, preparations or family arrangements. All you will need is a connection to the internet and a computer or mobile device. Taking time out of your week for just 50 minutes of ‘me-time’ is possible for anyone.


Each time I invite someone in authority to come and speak about a midlife topic.

Come and Join me on YouTube or take a look at some of the posts with details below.

Fun and the Importance of Being You  – Andrew Paul Smith

Depression – Jane Thorpe

Dealing with Alzheimer’s – James McGinty

A Magic Carpet Meditation – Mary Lunnen

Better Sleep – Pat Duckworth

Nutrition – Jo Anne Irwin

Losing Life Savings – Louise Kennedy

Back Ache – Joe Arrindell Jr

Communication and Divorce – Veronique Fixcheu

Coping with Modern Technology – Kevin Knebl

Living off the grid in retirement – Julia Porter

The Silver Tent – Francesca Cassini

Losing Weight the WildFit Way – Petra Ivan

The Taboo Subject of Grief and Death – Jane Duncan Rogers

Looking After Ageing parents – Griselda can Mussett

Fire- How to Rise from the Ashes – Christine Powers

What About the Next Generations – Elaine Harrison

Conversational Art – Engel Jones

Breathing – Sean Karanti Herron




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