Strength at Midlife

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I love the joke about the two divers who who have to buddy up for their next underwater trip. One jokes that he can swim much faster than the other. The other replies, “I don’t need to swim faster, or have more strength: I just need to know where my fish knife is and how to nick your wetsuit so the shark swims after you and not me!”

What Is Midlife Strength?


Do you know what your midlife strengths are?

We often forget to take a good long look at just how far we have come since our first breath on earth. Think of all your personal experiences, the passions that have led to your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared to be amazed.

Make an effort to write them into one long list. Be Sensibly Selfish and do this now because it will help you move into the future. Once you have done this underline the ones that really stick out for you today. Now that you know what your strengths are, play to them, and be prepared to ask for help in the areas you dislike or find hard. The more you ask for help the more you can move forward.

Be fair when it comes to your midlife strength, there is no need to compare or judge yourself with others who do not have your strengths. You are wonderfully unique and so are they. Team up with those that will help you grow even further. Let us know how you get on.

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