Mindful In Midlife

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When you do something to help another human being you can achieve a great deal of satisfaction. It does not have to be costly in either time or money, just an extra big smile for the person who serves you coffee in the morning, or help someone pick up something they have dropped, open a door, or say a few kind words. In short, being mindful.

mindfulThe problem is that in today’s world we are often too wrapped up in our own life, short of time, often engaged in two or more things at once and we never give the other person a second glance. When you’re emptying your shopping trolley and talking on the phone to a friend what chance does the cashier have of receiving a smile or kind words?

How To Be Mindful?

So how can you be mindful and help others in a Sensibly Selfish Way?
By beginning first with you. By breathing and pausing for just one second longer than you have already today. So let’s say you take in a deep breath and stop what you are doing for just one extra second. You create the space in which to see, smell and hear things as your attention is brought back to the now. As you do this not only do you connect with your surroundings, you also connect with yourself.

Mindful = Energised

Being mindful and taking a deep breath will fill your body with energy. In turn, you can energise another person with a smile. Smiling is infectious; smiling at everyone you meet will change your surroundings.

Come on, help others, it does not need to be a costly exercise in time or money.
Just take a midlife deep breath and smile more!

If you would like help to be more mindful more please contact me by clicking HERE.

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