Pending Perfection Syndrome

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We all have things that stop our dreams, whether they are personal or professional. One of the things that may stop you is PPS – Pending Perfection Syndrome.  A slight giggle ran through the audience when I mentioned it at a meeting recently. And a lot of people nodded their heads. We all suffer from it at times. We make excuses so that we do not have to move our comfort zones.

I felt very honoured to be invited to talk at the Small Business Meeting. Over 50 women delegates attended. I had only 20 minutes in which to talk, ask and take questions. I talked a little about the fact that if you have a business dream you also need to take into account the dream of your client. In order to do that, you need to know who they are and more importantly, how they think.
Emotions sell. Just how successful your business dream will depend on the meshing of your ideas and what your client actually wants.

Pending Perfection Syndrome Sabotages Your Business

pending perfection syndrome

It can be anything! Constantly changing your website layout so that nobody actually has to see it would be an example. Another may be re-designing your product again and again and not actually testing it ‘As Is’ on the market.

  • Do you stay up into the small hours of the night re-doing and re-doing work?
  • Do you have rituals you must do first such as cleaning your desk rather than just making those important calls?
  • What needs to be perfect for you?
  • Is this all not very stressful?

In business, they say it’s a lot better to ‘Ready Fire Aim’, rather than ‘Ready Aim Fire’. We learn from our mistakes. Nothing will ever be perfect.

Origins Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is the constant desire to do everything without fault, setting yourself and others impractically high standards to achieve. It’s a long way to fall… Perfectionists are striving for admiration, love and acceptance. The more they work at flawlessness the less they actually achieve… It’s time to get over it!”

So what can you do? Here are three questions to help you get started…

  • What has this to with the picture of the whole universe anyway?
  • How will my pending perfection syndrome impact on others?
  • Is this really how I want to spend these 24 precious hours that I will never see again?

I would love to know what experiences you have of Pending Perfection Syndrome, why not leave your comments below.

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