Pitfalls to Manifesting

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There are many pitfalls to manifesting reality. I list 8 of the most important below. Make sure you read all of the list, and avoid these areas as much as you can, so you begin to manifest your reality.

Lack of space

pitfalls to manifesting realityJust as when decluttering your mind, take note of your environment. A cluttered outer world does not make for a decluttered inner world. Create physical space where you are able. Less is always more. Open up to the possibility that with less you are creating a vacuum which will want to be filled with something. Make it exactly what you want it to be.

Negative Relationships

Be mindful of the negative people that surround you. If you can’t separate  them from your life completely, you may have to avoid them as much as possible. Negative people can bring you down. And remember that it’s your choice whether you listen to them and let them get in the way.

8 Pitfalls to Manifesting Reality

1. Lack of gratitude

Be thankful for just about everything you can: arms, legs, your amazing mind, the food you eat, the electricity working, running water, the hug this morning, sunrise, sunset and so on. An attitude of gratitude brings in more of the same. The more you practice the more wonderful the manifestation that happens.

2. Lack of faith

Surrender to the process and have faith it will happen – don’t give up! If it’s in your vibration it will happen. Read your manifestation statements then let it go, trust in the process. Expect 60–90 days before the real change takes place. As you become more focused on the process, changes will begin to happen almost immediately.

3. Lack of preparation

If you have followed the steps above you will be clear in your message and the universe will understand. If you have skipped over the steps or rushed any section, go back and fill in the gaps. Leave no stone unturned, as they say. Be prepared to work at what you want. Writing your statement is not enough.

Be especially aware of the areas of concern, parts where you need help or guidance, or new tools. Make the effort to ask for them. You need to tackle any problems you face head-on, make a plan made to get over the issue and show the determination to do whatever it takes to get there.

4. Not meditating

Spending time with your manifestation morning and night and when you reach a big decision point is key to keeping it in your mind and making the step-by-step movements towards the help the Universe wants to give you. Spend your energy here and watch your life change.

5. Not listening to your intuition

Another pitfall to manifesting is not asking yourself: Is this what I want right now? Can you feel it in every cell of your body? If not, what needs to change? Be open and honest with yourself. You cannot chase another person’s dream, you have to want it, no-one else.

6. Not getting help

Getting help and/or wisdom from others will certainly help you get there faster. The universe does not want you to do this the hard way, you don’t always need to learn by making mistakes. Let others show you the way. ASK always. (Contact me, I am here if you need me!).

We are all so very different and we have a certain set of values and skills. Part of your manifestation may mean that you don’t have the values or skill set to reach your goal. Asking for help is paramount if you want to succeed.

7. Asking the wrong people

Telling your loved one what your intentions are may sometimes kill what you want before you begin. Choose the people you share your hard manifestation work with carefully. If you are unsure, give your manifestation a chance to germinate first. Don’t be put off by their reactions to your goals. And never, ever, buy into someone else’s dreams.


So that’s it! In this series, we have covered exactly what I would have covered in a day’s workshop. Coupled with the 5-day Ditching Mental Baggage Challenge, you are well on your way to an awesome life. Just to recap the topics we have covered…

  • Manifesting Reality
  • Quantum Physics and Spirituality
  • The Theatre Meditation
  • The Chocolate Cake of Life
  • Writing your Manifestation Statement
  • Sharing and Adding Depth
  • Manifestation Boards
  • 8 Pitfalls to manifesting reality

Now all that is left to do is THE MOST IMPORTANT step of all – Celebrate! Decide how you will acknowledge all of your effort. Will it be a relaxing bath, a rowdy party or a private jet to an exotic location. You decide! The important thing is that it’s possible, feels great and allows you to see how far you have come.

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