Sensibly Selfish Chocolate Cake

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The Sensibly Selfish Chocolate Cake of Life

chocolate cake of lifeThis Chocolate Cake exercise has three sections. For the purpose of this post we are going to concentrate on the first section outlined below. Some of you may be unfamiliar with this exercise and will find this enough to deal with here. Others may want to pursue the Chocolate Cake to a great depth at a later stage – if so, reach out and talk to me. We can cover your values and principles and make a list of the things you want in your life.

Have your earlier notes in front of you so that we can use them to jog your memory.

For the live workshops I held in Mallorca, we used a real chocolate cake, which we ate with coffee. For the purpose of this exercise, you don’t have to  make or buy a cake – you can draw a circle on a paper. The circle or the cake represents your life.

Eight Pieces

Draw a circle on a piece of paper and cut it into 8 pieces. Does anyone know why we choose 8? Eight because it’s easy to cut and also because in our every day lives we can usually manage +/- 7 things at a time. When we become proficient at manifesting we too will be able to work on multiple manifestations at the same time – although we must remember the +/-7 rule, or nothing will be achieved.

Take a good long look at each slice and write in your circle a word that resembles one important aspect of your life. For example, you may want to choose family, friends, work, finances, spirituality, home, health, relaxation, hobbies or retirement. You may want to be more specific with a few slices and have a section for diet and exercise rather than just health. You choose: there are no right or wrong answers, it’s your wheel, specific to you.


Take a look now and see if any of your notes from the meditation exercise fit into these slices. If not, do you wish to alter your slices a little bit? We have already begun the process of ditching thoughts that no longer serve us in the 5-Day challenge. Now it is time to take it a little further.

Today, let us all set aside those thoughts of impossible, failure and obstacles as we know they do not exist. I want you to look at your cake of life and notice which piece resonates with you most. Which vibrates with the most energy. Does it resonate with you in a positive way? Does it cause you excitement, is it coming from the right energy source?

Positive Slice

Today, we need to choose one of these positive slices although I want you to be aware that sometimes we really need to tackle the slice that causes us to have a negative energy feeling. In order to deal with negativity, you need to practice manifesting something with positive energy first, rather than having to exchange the thought process or energy before beginning. Select something you do not already have a plan for.

You are looking for something that resonates with your whole body. If it resonates with your head then you believe in it, when it resonates with your abdomen you do not believe in it, when it resonates through every cell in your body you can have it – NOW.

Right now we do not need to know the way forward, how you will create this dream, you just need faith that the universe will help us achieve whatever you wish.


Please note at this point that you may be tackling something that will affect another part of your wheel. We may, in fact, be ignoring the wrong piece. For example, perhaps we have issues with both career and finances. By changing your career slice you will affect our financial slice. You may, therefore, choose to look at the career piece first when in fact you need to look at your thoughts about money and how you hold onto the money you manifest.

We have to start somewhere today so let’s choose.
Have you got something? Do you feel happy about this choice? Are you having a gut feeling that this piece is a too big, that you have bitten off more then you can chew? Great news! Sounds like you have chosen well!


Have you got something that does not excite you? Are you still stuck? Perhaps where you want to focus is not on your wheel of life at the moment. If so, then ask yourself these questions in order find something to assist the process.

What would my perfect life look like?
If I had no fear, what would I choose?
What would I choose if I had only five more years left to live?

Take a break and celebrate you have come this far! The next step is to write your manifestation statement. Click HERE to go there right now.

If you need further help CONTACT me directly

or join the Facebook group.

See the NEXT post and the PREVIOUS post in this Challenge.


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