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I am so proud to be included in the first Silver Tent Calendar. One of my African art collection was chosen for the silver tent calendarAugust spot, with the inspirational phrase ‘We are all essential stitches in the cardigan of life’. I love the thoughts that just a few words create for me. For example: we are all circles within circles, wheels within wheels, stitched together yet all individual, cosy comfy, timeless and safe.

The 2018 Silver Tent Calendar

Designed to be globally relevant, each month has significant international dates, full and new moons, and space for you to write you own appointments and reminders. A truly useful addition to any office or home.

If you would like to order your Silver Tent Calendar – and I believe there are just a few left – click on the image below. For those of you who do not know what The Silver Tent is, keep reading…


The Silver Tent

The Silver Tent is a conscious, creative and collaborative global community for supporting wonderful women, aged 50+. Women who are ready for lives of power, meaning and celebration. It is a warm, welcoming, nourishing space created by Francesca Cassini. It is for for women who choose to regain their wild and wonderful selves while shifting the paradigm of the older woman to the wise elder! As Francesca says “We rock! Go beyond rules! We go beyond convention and we live life on our own terms. A safe, supportive and resource-full space for us all. A place where we can not only re-ignite our dreams, but also to help each other bring them to life. So we can all become powerful role models for a conscious, creative and collaborative world.”

Francesca Cassini

I interviewed Francesca in early 2017 and you can find out more about her own anxiety issues and The Silver Tent Legacy by following the link. I loved talking to Francesca and admire her passion and commitment to helping others. So much so, I have also joined The Silver Tent as a Silver Grove member, where I hope to lend my hand to help others.

To find out more about The Silver Tent, you can visit the website HERE

Or ask to join the 4,000+ members in the closed facebook group

Don’t forget you can get your Silver Tent Calendar HERE

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