Losing Weight the WildFit Way

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Losing weight after menopause is impossible they say. And I agreed, until I met WildFit. I believed that I would never lose weight, especially around the midriff. Yet I know that beliefs can change, and it was just about finding the right … Continued

Nutrition at Midlife

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When I think of food I think of nutrition. I love nutritious food and have always thought that in general our family eats well. Yet, after over ten years of ‘trying’ different methods of losing weight, 2016 was my ‘Annus horribilis’! … Continued

Superfoods: Wrong

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Superfoods: I am sure health gurus from around the world are groaning at me right now. I am standing in a health food shop, surrounded by products. My skin feels clammy and my stomach sick, what is happening to me? … Continued