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My Love of Travel


I love to travel, and have been fortunate to visit numerous places around the globe. During the past few years, many of the places have been new to me.

Travel can be very stressful. For many, just the thought of organising a holiday and all that travelling can put them into a spin – after all, there’s a lot to sort out. Yet we tend to be better at sorting holidays than we are at sorting out our own minds!

This article is a summary of my posts about travel, with thoughts and observations I made, helpful tips and tricks I found along the way. All you have to do is click on the highlighted words to go to a specific blog post and read more. Have fun!

Travel Tips and Tricks

One of the things I learned from my journeys is that it’s always easier to travel light. It saves money since you don’t have to pay for hold luggage. It also saves you time and worries waiting for luggage to appear at the other end – in one piece or not!

Coming back alone from Zanzibar early one morning, I knew my connection in Barcelona was tight. I arrived back in Mallorca knowing that my luggage wouldn’t have made it – I had literally run for the plane! It took until midnight for my luggage to catch up with me, and I felt lucky. Now when I can, I travel with hand luggage only. It reduces the stress! I call it being Sensibly Selfish.

Travel Apps

You can save yourself a lot of time by having apps on your phone to take care of some of the tasks for you when travelling. For example, wherever possible make sure you have an app ticket and eboarding card for flights, instead of having to find a way to print your tickets when you’re in the middle of the outback. Take a look at some of the others I recommend in the travel app post.

Here is an interview I did with Debra Sofia Magdalene about how to Make Money Whilst Travelling


For the past two years, we have lived on this wonderful island off the east coast of Africa. I am regularly posting pictures of sunsets and golden sandy beaches with turquoise seas and sky. As they say, the more you post the more you get noticed, and people are now beginning to contact me for insider information! If you would like to see my photos, please connect with me on Facebook.

I think some of the most significant lessons learned in a new country are always the first ones. As you begin to adapt to a new culture and way of life you see things more vividly. Take a look at the Spice Tour posts one and two which will help you smell the island! You can read a controversial article I wrote for eShe magazine, about what the tour guides don’t tell you about Zanzibar.


I loved Kenya from the moment I arrived, and we were greeted at the airport by our driver and his huge smile. There is something about its mix of modern growth, African roots and the diverse cultures that make it very appealing and attractive. I love making travel observations. I must admit the traffic in Nairobi is a nightmare, not in the same way as New Delhi, it just doesn’t go very far very quickly! We were fortunate enough to have friends living in the city who took us to some amazing places. I loved being able to go to the National Wildlife Reserve, just a short drive from our vacation home.


Going to India was exciting from the start. Not only was I going to talk at a conference in front of 2,000 women delegates, I was also going to the country for the first time. Unlike Zanzibar, where you get your visa on arrival, for India you have to apply in advance. I failed to do so and consequently did an ‘Orlando Bloom’ – just not as famous. At least I can say I’m in good company! If you want to know how to apply correctly you can do so here. Let me take the stress out of the procedure for you!

Delhi Belly

Another concern about going to India is the prospect of catching Delhi Belly. The blog post I wrote has some great tips on how to avoid this disaster, as well as useful comments from readers who have more experience in India than I have.

At the WEF conference, I talked about learning a new language, and how even at midlife we can accomplish this. Having just a few common words to use when arriving in a new country can make all the difference. The post and video will tell you the easiest ways to do this.


travelI love Spain. It has a very significant place in my heart, 30 years or more, to be precise! Living in Mallorca, I took the island for granted in many ways. Its beautiful city, Palma, the beaches, mountains, culture and history. I have written very little about the island, and hope to rectify this in the near future. I have lots of insider information to share.

Galicia, Spain

Until recently my husband and I had spent very little time exploring on mainland Spain. We tended to visit only on business. Last summer we were able to spend a couple of months there, with Galicia as our base. Both hubby and I fell madly in love with the countryside and its people. So much so, that I went back to Santiago de Compostella this year to walk The Camino, a 700 km walk in total.


We fell in love with Prague as soon we arrived. It’s the perfect place to go for a long weekend. I will shortly be visiting this beautiful city again. I thoroughly recommend it for a midlife holiday. You can find out my first impressions in the Prague Post.

You can also find 45 reviews of Hotels and Restaurants from the places I have visited on TripAdvisor. With over 25,000 views, I am sure there is some useful information for you to discover there.

Cape Town

Long Beach, Capetown

This has to be one of my favourites, too. We visit often as we have family who live in The Cape. We have plenty of inside information and frequent places that may not be on the tourist map. I will be posting about my latest visit in 2018. The photo here shows Long Beach, where I love to walk – perhaps we may meet there.

Your Travels

I hope you have found this post to be helpful when thinking about travelling. I would love you to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comment box below. Why not share your own holiday tips and tricks, and help others find their way more easily?

And PLEASE keep coming back to this post, because the more I travel, the more information I will have to add.


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