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Uncomfortable Feelings At Midlife

Isn’t it a shame that when we think of ‘feeling uncomfortable’ we immediately think of negative connotations? If ‘to be comfortable’ is defined in the dictionary as ‘to obviate hardship, pain and trouble‘ then surely  ‘uncomfortable’ must mean the opposite. It must be a ‘bad’ thing.

Yet without hardship, pain and trouble you would not be the person you are today. Even at midlife, we still have to feel uncomfortable. If we want to experience uncomfortablenew things, we have to do things in a different way. If we always do what we have always done, we will get what we always got! To change things we have to look positively at the words hardship, pain and trouble.

Take hardship and how it would be useful in this simple example: you cannot become financially free unless you are prepared to move out of your current comfort zones. As well as putting together a financial freedom plan you may also have to cut back on spending.

Or maybe it means you need to have a whole new change of lifestyle, where the money will have a totally different meaning for you. For some, these changes would be seen as ‘hardship’, and yet if you have a goal in mind and you are prepared to deal with this feeling of being ‘uncomfortable’ for a future benefit – is it really that hard?


What about pain? The pain of losing a loved one can seem unbearable at the start, yet you become a much stronger person for having suffered and learned. The pain of losing someone is something over which you have no control. Your comfort zones are pushed to the limit without you having any say, and you will never be the same again.

Athletes endure pain on a daily basis because they have a goal in mind. Athletes training for the next Olympics will be ‘uncomfortable’ until the day of the event, and for many the pain begins again immediately after the event.

Trouble, as defined by the dictionary: ‘agitation or disturbance‘ also has its positive effects. By agitating or disturbing our circumstances, we become aware of our comfort zones. That feeling of reaching the boundary – and all THAT causes – is actually the reason to celebrate! Arriving at ‘the zone’ means that something new is about to happen in your life – all you have to do is take another step forward.

Take a look at all the people you admire in life. Take a look at their past history, particularly at their comfort zones and you will see the bigger the person the bigger the zone. What will you readily feel uncomfortable about today?

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