World News And Midlife Illness

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World News and Health

Listening to the horrors of world news can cause you harm at midlife. Just think how you feel personally when you hear about a recent bombing, rape or murder? Take a good long look. The way you react reflects the person you are today. Do you react with anger, sadness or with love?

When you react with anything other than with love, you leave a piece of that emotion within you. The anger you felt towards another will remain within you, causing you personal physical and mental harm. We can say that the way you see the world outside is a reflection of your internal world. If you don’t like what you see, you must first begin by changing your own reaction to it.

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Compassionate Detachment

Not only do we have to learn to show compassionate detachment towards others, we have to learn to love, no matter what. Love begins with the self. What goes on in the world around us is a reflection of what we have created. In order to change what we see, we must begin to love ourselves first in a Sensibly Selfish manner.

To be Sensibly Selfish means to love thyself, warts and all. You are the only person you will spend the rest of your life with. By loving yourself you can in return be loved which will increase the self-esteem of you and those around you. Be gentle in the way talk to yourself, no one is perfect, and being harsh on yourself will not change this.


Be forgiving, and in return forgive others. Forgive yourself, recognise your faults and wrong doings and, without falling into self-criticism, just accept them for what they are; an opportunity to learn and grow. Use them as a positive way forward.

Replace fear with love. We all have fear yet it is just a figment of imagination. Look at what you fear and ask another person if this is true for them and they will most likely say ‘It is not so in my life’. Turning inwards and reaching for love will eradicate fears. Negative energy and fear will be no more.

Positive Thoughts

Make sure your thoughts about yourself and others are always positive. Your subconscious does not know the difference between criticism of you or of others. Criticism means you will undermine your self-confidence and self-esteem. Practice compassionate detachment with those around you who sap your love.

Be honest, keep all agreements, show up on time and build your self-esteem by trusting. These are all good traits to have with others, yet it’s more important to have them in the relationship with yourself.

Do unto others as you would do unto you – if you do not behave in such a way with another human being why would you do this to yourself first and foremost? Think about the way you feed and exercise your body. Take time out each day to de-stress and contemplate.

The only way you can change the world is by changing your midlife self. Begin today.

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