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An invitation from Kay Newton, caring confidante

Lost? Then why not come and walk on a beautiful sandy beach with me…

kay newton

Dear Midlife Ladies and Gentlemen,

Do you constantly wonder if there’s more to life? Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut, or wish you could just sail away to distant horizons?

Do you feel shipwrecked, alone, and really miss having someone in your life with a ‘patient ear‘, willing to listen to you, no matter what?

In today’s busy world it may be very hard to find someone who will listen to you 100% when you are distressed and in pain. A person who will respond to you with kind words, compassionate feedback, gentle actions and an open heart. And who is willing to help you change your life without blame, judgment or criticism.

Having a shoulder to lean on, someone who understands and can guide you through the dark times, not only lightens your load, it quickly puts you back on track. Deep down you know this.

’Karibu’ from Zanzibar!
Lighthouse-WEBWe all have our history. You can read my story here. The gist is that at 54 this working-class Yorkshire lass moved from her comfort zone, downsized from a luxury lifestyle in Mallorca, Spain, and jumped continents to live minimally in a simple two-roomed dwelling, close to a pristine white sandy beach with azure seas in Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa.

Less is definitely more. I have never been happier.
It wasn’t always like this. During the past ten years, I have dealt with my ageing parents’ illnesses and deaths, my empty nest, menopause, my husband’s andropause, depressions and more. I have numerous ’T-shirts’ which you may relate to!

These past few months have been an amazing adventure. A real turning point in my life, and I want to share it with you. Living this simple lifestyle on an exotic island means I have time to stroll on the beach, paint, write and clarify my midlife meaning.

I have found my lighthouse in the midlife darkness, and now as a caring confidante I would like to help you find yours.
In this luscious Zanzibar light, with my new perspective on life, I have gained clarity. I realise that my past ten years’ work as a personal development coach, helping hundred of others deal with their midlife crises, had a fundamental flaw…

I Am Not You


I can be the wind in your sails, yet I am not the captain steering your boat. The true secret to contentment in life comes from defining your purpose and joy. Creating a new life is an inside job, you have to do the work!

The problem is that midlife can get in the way. Even with coaching you can sink deeper into confusion. In those murky waters, your feelings of doubt and insecurity intensify.

The further you plummet, the harder it is to drag yourself to the surface. Even if you manage to come up for air, something else will pull you down.

You need a lifeline. A shipmate who is fully focused on your issues, who listens carefully, and makes suggestions based on their experience and understanding, so you can safely reach the shore.

Kay Newton, Caring Confidante

My skills and experience are unique. As your Caring Confidante, I use them to listen and guide you to a safe haven. I enable you to create a new life, with wider Dog-Can-WEBhorizons.

Yes, there will be darkness, pain, confusion, frustration and lots of effort on the way. I will help you find your own midlife lighthouse.


There are two aspects of care: self-care and those who care for you. I can be the port where you dock to unload your issues and unwanted baggage. As your caring guide, I will work with you, using your strengths and weaknesses to find happiness todaySelf-care comes from within, a concept I call Sensibly Selfish. Putting yourself first is not always easy, yet if your vessel is empty, there is nothing left to nourish yourself, or to give to others. You must allow yourself to come first. The Sensibly Selfish toolbox is part of the cargo for change.


kay newton confidanteAs your Confidante, I will listen to you 100%. You can let rip, vent, cry, laugh
and I promise I will still give you virtual hugs and love! We will gently follow your agenda, so you feel safe in your vulnerability. I will use my proven professional track record, intuition, and objectivity so that you can unload any baggage not required for the next leg of your journey.

Congratulations on reading so far!

I know that if you have managed reach this point, you have already decided that you must do SOMETHING to get your life back on the right tack.

So here’s my offer especially for you… A Zanzibar Haven.

How Does It Work?


Variety is the spice of life, so they say. I invite you to take a virtual voyage to Zanzibar, without leaving the comfort of your home – saving valuable time, effort and expense to get here. All you need is an internet connection and a quiet space where we can chat without interruption.

Connect with me via Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, or even email, whatever is most convenient for you. Let me listen to what is troubling you and, if you wish, I will share my wisdom, experience and insights so you can take midlife shortcuts where you need them most.

This will be your Sensibly Selfish time to define your Midlife Meaning, where you can commit to being yourself. You know this makes sense. You have to look after yourself because no-one else can do it like you.

Your Zanzibar Haven will be safe, cosy, comfy, tranquil and confidential. A shelter where you shake off what’s troubling you, laugh and find happiness.

Lift those midlife ropes and chains from your shoulders. Find space and time for the special person you are. Focus on the issues which matter most. Breathe deeply, think straight, find insight and clarity.

Anchor your thoughts so you can make your make midlife transition and reinvention.

We can begin with a FREE 20-minute session. Then, if you wish to continue your virtual retreat, we will work out a Personal Confidante Package to include the cost, dates and method you prefer.

How Long Will It Take?

You are a unique individual. Our relationship together will last as long as it needs. You will know when it is time for you to set sail on your maiden voyage alone.

For example, Sally felt overwhelming grief when her mother died. She needed someone to listen, and to care for her. I was there when she needed me. She reached out when the grief got too much, and within hours I was there.

Together, we navigated the issues, corrected her course, created supplies for the journey and she set sail alone into the future, confident of her direction.

How Much Does It Cost?


What Other Zanzibar Mariners Have Said

confidante“I felt overwhelmed, at the end of my tether. Kay really ‘got me’. I really appreciate that she’s been there, done that too. Her advice was straightforward and totally relevant, from the heart, based on her real-life experiences. No theoretical mumbo-jumbo. Thank you Kay for guiding me to the light at the end of the tunnel! When I came to you, I didn’t even know it was there!” Tracey, Hertfordshire, England

“What a treat, a huge relief, I’m so glad I reached out to Kay. This is something you just have to experience yourself to appreciate the true benefit.” Abdullah B, Cape Town, South Africa

“It’s like going on holiday with your best friend, yet without the hassle. I found my conversations with Kay relaxing, thought-provoking, fun and different. I talked and whinged, and Kay gave me space so that I felt really special, well-loved and, at the end, a totally normal human being, instead of a menopausal manic mother!” Marylin H, Germany

Spring In My Step

“From super-stressed to super-cool, talking to Kay made all the difference. She listened objectively, was never judgemental. Wow! After 5 sessions she’s put the spring back in my step! I’m now calmer, sleeping better, nicer to everyone around me – and to myself!” Sam R, Los Angeles, USA

Honest, Authentic

“Kay is passionate about helping people, and the difference she makes to others. She is honest, authentic, trustworthy and full of midlife common sense. These good Yorkshire traits are always used in great quantities! I can’t wait for my next session.” Rowena M, Mallorca, Spain

“Talking to Kay has put me on a very different path from the one I was on when I landed on her doorstep. This is a much better and happier path. Kay, I want to thank you for coming into my life, and for all your advice.” Mike C, Yorkshire, England


“When I talk to Kay I feel like I’m right there with her on the beautiful beach by the sparkling blue ocean! Her energy is wonderful. I now realise I was at meltdown point when I came to her. She’s fielded my rants calmly. Somehow she manages to take the sting out of everything, so I can make sense of it. She sheds light on what’s troubling me. Talking to Kay is a real Zanzibar Haven – essential for my sanity!” Libby B, Brisbane, Australia

My Guarantees To You

Our conversations will be safe, and I guarantee to keep them in the strictest confidence. confidante
No bull, no up-sales, no down sales, just support and Yorkshire straight- talking and common sense, for as long as you feel you need it, and not a minute more.
As your Confidante, I will listen to you without blame, judgement or criticism.
We can work together to change any issues that arise from our conversation.
I will share my Sensibly Selfish Toolbox, so you can sail away with accumulated wisdom to your new horizons.
If you are not satisfied, you can have your money back without question.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult, so hopeless and so overwhelming. Just reach out and allow me to help you see the light on the horizon.

My insights are authentic, based on personal experience and accumulated wisdom. I’d love to share them with you, to help you navigate the challenges of midlife, and find the channel to your safe haven.

Book Your Caring Confidante Session BELOW

Fees for Caring Confidante Sessions are scaled according to the length of the sessions. The first 20 minutes are FREE so we can get to know each other, and have a basis to create your personal package. Payments can be made securely through PayPal. We will arrange a convenient time for your session on receipt of payment. I show details of the FREE 20 Minute Caring Confidante Session below. Click through to arrange your first session.

The 20 Minute Caring Confidante Session is  FREE








Travel time and travel expenses to the Zanzibar Haven session: Zero!

No hassles with tickets, time off work, preparations, family arrangements, visas.

Available immediately, from the security and comfort of your own home, or preferred quiet environment.


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