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Kay was instrumental in building my confidence as a first-time entrepreneur. She showed me how to concentrate on the positivity in my life, and remove all antipathy. She encouraged me to manifest my dreams and recognise the abundance in my life, rather than looking at the limitations. Kay taught me many stress-coping mechanisms. 

Her ingrained positivity and happiness in life were inspirational​, even when she was thrown some mean cards herself. When mentoring me, Kay showed me that stress is just a self-created perception. I need to keep striving for the 'I can...NOW!'

Sally Luxmoore - Spain
Jane Smith

From the first moment I met Kay I realised she is a very special person. She is authentic and shows a real interest in people. She is idealistic and determined to change the world. With a combination of experience and knowledge she can guide you along your path in life. She is not afraid to share her own journey, and she has the courage to show her vulnerability. Kay is pure power!

Albertina Meuwissen - Netherlands
Shane Melaugh
Kay Newton
The Midlife Stress Buster

About Kay

In a Force 8 gale, wearing a life jacket, and with a rope tied around my waist, I held on to a VHF radio and counted backwards from 10. I never expected a commendation from Lowestoft Lifeboat for staying calm in a stressful situation. 

30 years later, I am still dealing with stressful situations daily - without pills and potions. Now I help others to harness stress and make their Midlife the best it can be.

Because I have done it, I know you can do it too. I want to share my stress-busting secrets with you.

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